Those Pleasant Surprises


"I have had white spider lilies from a number of sources, and I have never had one that is really white.  They are all pinkish in bud, all creamy, all tinted with peach or apricot, all beautiful. They bloom well and increase very fast."

- Elizabeth Lawrence; April 29, 1960, the Charlotte Observer


It is always a pleasant surprise to go into the garden on a hot and humid August day to find that, quite literally overnight, Elizabeth's Lycoris albiflora are blooming.  I am delighted, and cannot help but smile, when the flowers rise up from bare ground and coyly bat their eyelashes.  Somehow, no matter how much sweat runs into my eyes, I feel refreshed just seeing them in bloom.  Thank you, Elizabeth Lawrence!

May we all never tire of these simple, wonderful, pleasant surprises.