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Symposium - Inspired Thinking: Outside the Boxwood

  • Charlotte Country Club 2465 Mecklenburg Avenue Charlotte, NC 28205 (map)

Wing Haven’s founders, Elizabeth and Eddie Clarkson, along with celebrated author and plantswoman Elizabeth Lawrence, inspired passion for all living things through their gardens. Even though their goals were different, they shared non-conformist attitudes and were forward thinking. They were at the forefront of movements before they became trendy; Elizabeth Clarkson realized the great importance of healthy bird and wild life within the larger ecosystem of a garden and nature; Elizabeth Lawrence promoted diversity in plants, challenging her readers to expand their thinking by trying something new, and to look at their gardens through a different lens. 

Now Wing Haven invites you to look at your garden and natural surroundings in a new light, to be inspired to think outside the box at a workshop or during a presentation from one of our nationally recognized speakers in this year's symposium.

Whether a giant estate, a rooftop garden in Brooklyn, a multi-use urban natural landscape or a home garden, every green space nurtures... our minds, our bodies, our souls and the earth. We are all part of something bigger. Join us for part or all of this year's symposium, and come away with a renewed sense of discovery and fresh ideas on how to nurture nature in your own life.

Through their individual passions, Elizabeth Clarkson and Elizabeth Lawrence still inspire, helping us to deepen our inherent connection to nature. We are honored and proud to carry their legacies forward with our 15th biennial Symposium. 

Alizé Carrère is a National Geographic Explorer specializing in the human adaptation to our changing environment. Tara Douglass is a small business owner who showcases her talents for clients seeking practical gardens using sustainable solutions and organic practices. CeCe Haydock is a LEED accredited landscape architect who shares stories of famed gardens around the world. Abby Bristow offers a fresh project management perspective that is so critical to the success of urban landscaping.

You are invited to join us at the Charlotte Country Club where our four speakers will focus on practical gardening, transformation of urban space, historical gardens, and our inherent deep connection to nature. Includes a seated lunch.


Tara Douglass -- Beautiful Gardening with Practicality in Mind

What is the purpose of your garden? How do you begin the design? Then, how do you maintain it? Certainly aesthetics are important during the gardening process, but practicality drives design, installation and upkeep decisions. Learn how to garden from the planning to planting, all while maximizing the use of space, filling it with pollinator and bird-friendly specimens. Join expert horticulturist Tara Douglass as she shares her best practices for creating and enjoying the practical garden.

Alizé Carrère -- Adapt and Thrive: Creatively Living on a Changing Planet 

In the face of environmental change, people across the world are experimenting with different adaptive methods. With support from National Geographic and The Redford Center, Alizé has been researching and documenting case studies in places such as Madagascar, Bangladesh, India, Norway, Vanuatu and the United States to create a web series that reveals human ingenuity and resourcefulness in the face of environmental adversity. Join Alizé as she shares her experiences looking at these unique examples of adaptation.

CeCe Haydock -- Beyond Gatsby: The Fabled Gardens of Long Island’s Gold Coast

Beginning around the turn of the century and through the 1920's, the North Shore was the place to be for some of the most notable Americans, as well as a favorite retreat of the rich and famous. Along with grand houses, they built elaborate gardens, hiring such notable architects and landscape architects as Delano and Aldrich, Carrere and Hastings, the Olmsted Brothers, and Beatrix Farrand. Discover the gardens, as they were originally built, and learn about their history, landscape design and present condition.

Abby Bristow -- The 606: Transforming Abandoned Infrastructure into a Linear Park

Opened in 2015, the 606 is a 3-mile park that transformed an unused rail line on Chicago’s West Side into a bustling, urban park with diverse plantings including over 1,500 trees and 4,000 shrubs. The design had to balance limited space between paved travel lanes and landscaping while being considerate of the maintenance of each.

Join Abby for an interesting journey through the project's history, highlighting the design for efficient maintenance, and the collaborative process with city agencies, private partners and community groups.

Symposium: Individual Ticket

Includes Symposium speaker presentations and lunch at the Charlotte Country Club.

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Symposium: Individual Bronze Sponsorship

Includes one ticket to Thursday Symposium and lunch at the Charlotte Country Club.

Bronze sponsor donations support the purchase of native plants for bird habitat restoration at Wing Haven.

For more information about sponsorships, please contact Susan Evans 704.331.0664 ext.108.

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Symposium: Individual Silver Sponsorship

Includes two tickets to Thursday Symposium and lunch at the Charlotte Country Club.

Silver Sponsor donations support the purchase of heirloom bulbs for Elizabeth Lawrence's garden.

For more information about sponsorships, please contact Susan Evans 704.331.0664 ext.108.

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