Send a child to Camp Wing Haven

At Camp Wing Haven, children ages 5-11 engage in a fun-filled, hands-on, explore-in-the-dirt experience in the new SEED Wildlife & Children’s Gardens at Wing Haven! Campers learn about our treasured songbirds, slimy worms in the ground, bugs in the logs, frogs in the pond, plants in the ground, and so much more! They garden, explore, craft, play games, sing songs, and learn to appreciate nature! Camp is 9am-5pm for a full week - 100% outside! Healthy snacks provided for all!

We are thrilled to offer 12 scholarships to students at Winterfield Elementary and Brookstone Schools. Our partners and friends at Mecklenburg Audubon Society have offered to match Wing Haven donations 1:1 to help send up to six campers to Camp Wing Haven. Please help us raise $1,500 before June 30th to send six campers to the Haven for a fun-filled, educational, and nature inspired week!

Cost to send (1) child to Camp Wing Haven for 1 week: $250
Goal: $1,500 to provide 6 new scholarships


Send a Child to Camp

Check out this video highlighting all the fun from camp in past years
[note: this will be the first year Camp Wing Haven is offered in our new SEED Wildlife Garden so
you will see the many smiling faces, but not the new space.]